This Season in Privacy

As a guy who makes his living in "the evils of" Marketing
including being a buyer as well as creator of media a.k.a.
advertising (without which companies like Facebook, Google and many
others would lack revenue models that keep them in business), I'll
submit this in the wake of yesterday's surge of people posting
those "Personal Privacy Notices" on their Walls: Skip to about 9:00
in if you don't have time to watch the whole thing at the moment
(in which case

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I’ve taken some time to form my opinions on this, months really... I've considered myself one of a relative minority of people who, being a more-oft-than-not simultaneously active participant in the Entertainment, Internet and Marketing spaces professionally, can offer a somewhat unique perspective on these bills.

I understand that Internet companies don’t want to inherit the burden for policing the rights of intellectual property holders. It makes monetizing their properties more complicated and difficult through

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