Facebook Giveth, Taketh Away

Again this week arises the topic of the kind of inter-site dynamic that can make for a big difference between "deleted" and "deleted everywhere."

As reported yesterday in TechCrunch, the accidentally leaked code that apparently powers some of Facebook's front-end has now been pulled after a few days' short life on Blogger.

While some people are saying that it took a while for the DMCA violation notice to make its way through the system, I'm kind of inclined to assume action was taken as soon as those taking it knew of the issue. Word is in recent weeks Facebook hired up on the Legal end, taking on staff formerly of a company with a rep for not messing around once it gets wind of shit going down.

As of just before mid-night Pacific time however, much of the freshly censored content was still viewable in Google's search engine cache. At the time of this writing this is no longer the case, but for another hour or three perhaps, the blip still echoes in Yahoo.

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