Buy aQuantive, Crash MSNBC?

Just try to tell me there's no irony here. 😉

Session Start (Heretic:Phanner): Fri May 18 12:46:29 2007
[12:46] Heretic: test something for me quick please?
[12:46] Heretic: (Link:
[12:46] Phanner: hit me
[12:46] Phanner: browser matter?
[12:46] Phanner: very slow
[12:47] Heretic: can you reach the site at all?
[12:47] Phanner: i get a bg color, then server not found
[12:47] Heretic: LOL thx
Session Close (Phanner): Fri May 18 13:00:17 2007

...for about 15-20 minutes from what I could tell. I wonder how much revenue was lost during the downtime:


(I'm being playful. Open market competition is a very good thing. Onward!)

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