R.I.P. me.com

So here I am watching Apple's video on their new cloudware platform MobileMe, and suddenly the narrator starts saying

"Just go to me.com"


This is going to take some getting used to. Not long ago, me.com was an aspiring social networking site eventually re-branded as Snappville.

Now I'm definitely holding off at least until Blackberry's Bold and Thunder come out, to consider buying a smartphone. Aside from how my AT&T contract has been up for a while now... I've been a Mac user since the 512K i.e. half my life, and will probably always stay loyal when it comes to occasional forays into audio production (at least, as long as Digidesign does and/or for as long as I stay Protools based for all that). However, I moved all but totally away from Mac when I joined the workforce and as for their current stuff, when it comes to any computing interface I don't like processing power and speed spent on visual cool factor once it feels like puts fun over functionality. There's something gluttonous about that, and there's a point where efficiency and responsiveness is very much a part of usability, so whenever it comes to choosing between flash and performance I tend to favor the latter so long as whatever attached strings don't include any outright fugliness. Plus, I still remember very clearly how painful it was to migrate my Mac rig from OS9 to OSX. I do find a lot of the new enterprise oriented supports of iPhone 2.0 compelling, still the idea of a ton of people now having @me.com accounts will be rather creepy. My love-hate fascination with APPL continues even if I may not "think different" fundamentally.

Anyway and more interestingly, let's assume that per its memorability and the kind of deep pockets Apple has, the sale of that domain yielded not just a substantial offset of operating costs for me/Snappville as accumulated over the past couple years but a profit in excess thereof several times over. Considering other similarly unforgettable domains that have transacted for large sums...

business.com:	$350M
sex.com:	$14M (estimated)
porn.com:	$9.5M
diamonds.com:	$7.5M
beer.com:	$7M
casino.com:	$5.5M
asseenontv.com:	$5.1M
seo.com:	$5M
shop.com:	$3.5M

...calling it "plausible" would be putting it mildly.

To a certain mate roaming WWDC08 at the time of this writing who probably just made a pretty decent (and naturally NDA-protected) profit there, and to his fellow now formerly of me.com cohorts: Per the nature of the nod I usually only say this to other SEOs, but:

Hats. Way. Off.

me.com shirt

(totally keeping the shirt)

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