Stealing Profits from Stock Market Spammers

Again this year, I'm alas too caught up in my own direct misc. to make PubCon in Vegas. 🙁 I've gotten really bad about getting out once in a while.

Anywho, before I go catching up with all that went down there, I just have to highlight one of the perhaps juicier things seemingly covered at Defcon 17 back in August. Cheers to CountZero for posting links to a number of things from that event... this one from Grant Jordan being my favorite so far.

There's a certain charm to being the person not doing the evil, rather the one stealing a bit of thunder from that person... and though this particular case study doesn't pertain specifically to doing so within Search, it still falls fairly within the rarely discussed nonetheless fascinating realm of using other people's own spam against them (whether directly or indirectly).

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