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Scott Scott is marketer with 15 years of online-leaning experience, most recently active in the cloud IaaS space. Previously, Scott has held Directorial roles at interactive marketing and lead generation agencies, start-ups and enterprise software firms. His skills have been leveraged by numerous brands in sectors including Technology, Finance, CPG, Entertainment, Travel, Education and more.

My preoccupations are with finding and creating solutions; helping firms connect the dots as they evolve - adapting to and developing foresight into disruptive change along the way. Whether client-side or agency-side, with startups or public gorillas, on technology or consumer product offerings, it's all the same: Performance and ROI are constants against which brands and branded campaigns are inevitably always measured.

A Silicon Valley native, Scott currently lives in San Francisco. He can be reached via email here.


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Disclaimer: Scott's views as expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of his employers, clients, peers or partners, past or present. They are but his alone at the moment of publication and potentially subject to change with or without notice at any time. Readers taking anything herein as actionable professional advice do so at their own risk. Some contents will be sassy, flatly wrong, st00pid and/or of otherwise questionable appropriateness - offered but casually and impersonally for likewise consideration if any.

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