Hello and welcome. Contrary to this blog's title I'll be making every attempt to not skew it with unabashedly saturated dealings in sensationalism or other link bait, and/or anything geared to piss anyone off simply for the sake of pissing someone off. Negative attention isn't always better than no attention, and this domain will be for grown-ups. I'm sure at some point I'll step on a toe or three regardless, as I do intend to keep it real (for whatever that will be worth coming from me). I'll make updates here as often as I can, with the aim of keeping it all relevant, original, timely and useful... No self-indulgent masturbation / narciblogging, musings immaterial to the online marketing space or other rubbish.

This blog will for the most part be whatever small independent contribution I can make to particular web marketing crafts about which I'm passionate and in which I work: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics and Search Engine Marketing (SEM ...which BTW would be better to call "SEA" i.e. "Search Engine Advertising" IMHO, since most people tend to think squarely of Pay-per-Click and Paid Inclusion when using the acronym).

This blog will not be for the direct promotion of those I'm working for and/or with or the projects I'm working on, though I'll reference such if/as appropriate in context of what I have to offer up. Also, while its creation was prompted by my now taking the leap into moving my SEO work to full-time, this will not be a place meant to advertise my services in detail nor will it be one of the strictly "by SEOs, for SEOs" domains out there. I do hope to publish a few things SEOs will enjoy, and a few other things others will get use from, and my aim will be to keep it all pretty balanced and no more than pseudo-commercial. In that spirit, I don't plan to ever display ads or my direct contact details (as if contacting me privately were hard to figure out how to do).

While their decided tone may sometimes be snot-nosed, shot-from-the-hip cyberpunkery, writings here will nonetheless be professional for professionals, relatively. The target audience will be more for experienced marketers than n00bs, partly to indirectly solicit others' anecdotal wisdom if/as possible, and partly because safe is just boring. So I'll lightly poke fun at a few things and people (myself included) along the way, and hopefully readers won't take it too seriously... I'm no populist, though if ever persuaded that I've my head up my ass on a given point I'll apologize publicly and promptly. Mine feathers might ruffle and get ruffled but I've no interests in tar, nor in confusing self-deprecation with self-defecation. More default explanation and fair warning is stated in the Disclaimer. Moderated comments and/or discussion will be published for posterity whenever possible, i.e. under the presumption that before dropping any, contributors did in fact read that shit.

I'll pledge to pursue originality and quality over quantity and frequency. Part of this is because I hope to change a few misguided, overly simplistic perceptions about some of the industries I partake in. The other reason is the mortal flesh alas has pretty limited bandwidth (time and energy). At most I expect to post something only every 2-3 days as in keeping it all worthwhile I/O, I'll probably be editing as much as writing in time spent here.

In making arguments and addressing subjects - concepts, issues, strategies, tactics and/or production methods - I'll cite references and examples and provide first-hand evidence as much as I can. Beyond that of course I'll respect confidentiality / avoid wily exposť in preaching about practices, 'cos

  1. Totally godless heresy can get one sued, and only lucky rarities suffer through that tunnel to find bright publicity shining at the end.
  2. I'm not a made guy but I learn much from The Family and don't want to invite "real" attacks, so I obviously can't leak or rat out anything from the underground.

As I discuss projects I work on, techniques, clients, partnerships and business relationships, some details and names will have to be withheld to protect the innocent, guilty and/or disputed from time to time.

Trolls in the pantry ('ere we go!)...

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