Be One of .Us

These domains became trendy with the rise of, so just about every possible good one has already been registered (probably by people hoping to sell them to someone who has a particular desire for them). There's not much real estate left here at all as far as can tell, in consideration of potentially similar registrations (forming words ending in "us" as found in the English language).

Over the weekend I came across a list of remaining notable possibilities for creative a.k.a. vanity .us registrations, which I had made when trying to decide what domain to host this blog on. Please note that I made this list a solid couple months ago so some of these may have been snatched up since.

That said, here they are with hypothetical subdomains included in cases where such were needed to form the word:

So for anyone else still needing and/or wanting to jump on the not-so-long tail end of the trend, there's a shortcut to the remaining scraps.

While mostly for a lark this post actually does have something to do with our industry, and discussion of the implications of this principle on brands is coming soon (Translation: Please hold. I need to get a life and just made it a little more obvious than usual, so now that the damage is done I must devise a way to spin it).

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