Vanity Goes Global

For marketers willing to get creative and take a little risk, there are opportunities in leveraging international domain registrations for branded campaigns. Putting stuff like this into production would have some predictable political sensitivities, but in the meantime at the least this is an amusing train of thought:

If you're a brand manager, and/or you work with a number of company and product brands, how many creative domain ideas can you come up with?

Off the cuff, here are a few interpretations of brands I've worked with:

Some would be easier than others to grab, in consideration of international rules. While registration of many of these can be pricey at least for some, it's interesting otherwise to see how some countries make locality a condition whereas others issue open invitation.

This kind of thing would be of more interest to marketers working for companies where success really is all about brand impact. Perhaps consumer products delivering targeted online marketing aimed at specific localities for example, might have use for the method. More examples:

How much Coca-Cola is sold in Kenya, and how many pubs down under serve up Lowenbrau alongside mainstays like Fosters? I haven't the foggiest, but you get the idea.

(Hm, it seems I'm thirsty or something. I'll pass on the canned soda or beer especially given the early hour, but this now should probably now go brew some green tea to wash the hint of imperialism off his breath. Sorry.)

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