On SES SJ + Parties, 2007

I won't be making SES again this year, alas. Though I will be back in my native South Bay a bit during some of it, next week is well beyond fully booked for me. I might be working through the week-end as it is, as a couple of my usual scrapers seem to be unfortunately strained of late. Anyway, I won't let too many years go by before I get back in touch with SES, though. My understanding is it's changed a bit over the past couple years...

I will however, be jumping in on another Bay Area SEOs Meet-Up to-morrow night here in SF to hang out with StuntDubl, That Girl From Marketing and others, pound a few rounds and probably chat on misc. in a few ways one can't in comparatively more public environments.

To those attending SES on Thursday, be sure to check out my homie John Ashton, my Agency.com counterpart in Chicago, on the Buzz Marketing panel at 12:30pm.

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