Professional SEO with PHP

My copy of this book by Jaimie Sirovich and Cristian Darie arrived a couple weeks ago, roughly.

This is a very good read for SEOs of intermediate and advanced levels especially. It covers a range of topics, including a couple chapters on one subject near and dear to my heart: localization (internationalization, globalization etc.). This is a matter I fell in love with back when companies dedicated to it were springing up all over in the 90s, integrating with leading enterprise content and document management platforms. I got into it enough to have a few hits and misses, and I'll say again what I told the press back then on the occasions when I'd chance to speak on it: This is a critical area still in its relative infancy.

There are still a ton of highly trafficked sites out there dealing with rudimentary issues like de-concatenation of logic for proper linguistic syntax, culturally sensitive design and information architecture, and user interfaces made for readability despite text swell as an inevitable by-product of translation.

The evolution of SEO and its dedicated best practices only adds one more twist to the Web Marketing cocktail, when juxtaposed against localization issues. These two chapters are solid reference for situations whenever the two disciplines might intersect.

  • Chapter 11 clarifies distinctions between cloaking, geo-targeting and IP delivery. It's worth a read for any site with a strategy aimed for truly going global.
  • Chapter 12 is very brief, but is a handy reference for some of the basic essentials like language and region specification.

Other, more general pros of the book include code snippets moreover available from Wrox.

Last thing I must mention is, frankly almost all my independent projects nowadays are in PHP whereas by day I tend to work on ones where .NET and AJAX are more common watchwords... but fortunately the duo also has a sister version coming out for the ASP oriented. Nice move there, dudes.


Professional SEO with PHP

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