SEO Quiz Master Baiting

Don't take it as gospel or hang your hat on whatever your score is once you've taken this. Some folks are acing it via relative chance, others with much more experience are reportedly getting whupped by it.

There is some definite subjectivity in a number of the questions. An experienced SEO could score high if taking the test attentively, carefully and slowly. The same SEO could easily score n00b level if taking the test with less divided attention, say in a state of multi-tasking, sleep deprivation and/or semi-sobriety. If I were pitching to a client and then at the end of my presentation they said "OK, before you leave we'd like you to take this," I'd be hard-pressed not to think them a tool, moreover one who alas probably didn't grasp the more important parts of what I'd covered.

That said, aside from being first and foremost an example of great linkbait, someone's got to be putting out quizzes like this. Shortcomings aside, it's one of the better quizzes to come out yet. I'd certainly prefer that they mostly be coming from groups like SEOmoz, as opposed to some upstart poser barfing something out that's riddled with inaccuracies and trying to spam it up the Digg ranks as part of a half-baked visibility campaign or something.

As for my own score, I happened to be one of those who seemingly lucked out...

SEO Dark Lord - 95%

Are you an SEO Expert?

I literally flipped a coin on determining my final answers on some of the questions though, especially the uber-geek trivia like re. Larry PageRank etc. ... In other words, if you ace it you should perhaps respectively flip a coin on whether to feel casually proud or casually embarrassed - unless you are or have ever been a Googley personality, officially.

Anyway, give it a spin and then a Sphinn (or at least, consider the discussion started here), but whether you come out of it with a warm fuzzy tail held high or with it hanging 'tween the legs, ain't much a thing either way. Definitely put more stock in how you do on it than you would in re. the basic crossword puzzle in the back of the latest issue of Search Marketing Standard, though.

Supplementary comments here and here (I think a 301 redirect from their older version of the quiz would be a good idea but that's just me).

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