Happy Firefox v3 Download Day

After installing it first to my slave machine it became clear this new version is blazing fast.

Alas, you know what skeptics say about *.0 technology releases. Awesome as they may sometimes be, if you're a power user of whatever the given technology is you might want to tread with care. As soon as I installed it on one of my laptops, i.e. one of the machines I used that isn't mainly for running background or foreground automations, a wad of my installed extensions went kaput:

FF v3 incompatibilities FF v3 incompatibilities

Even if it is easy to largely disable that annoying "Awesome Bar" via about:config, that there is a deal breaker for me.

Smart downloaders are advised to jump into one of the engines' caches of Firefox.com's homepage to grab a backup of the last v2 installer file, before installing v3.

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