New SecureZIP v11: Free!

OK, so to-day I was setting up some automated competitive monitoring for a client, to facilitate report deliveries. In the process I realized that a certain recipient network seems to be blocking .zip extensions from incoming email under certain conditions, for antivirus purposes.

This was an understandably common reaction IT departments had to when worms and other virus types started appearing masked as .zip files, like 2.5 years ago or so. However, from a technologist perspective that was kind of like treating the immediate urgent symptom as opposed to the real enterprise-level problem.

Anyway, so I went to take it up with the managers of that network and then in the process of suggesting SecureZIP I found that they happen to have a new version out now, and for a limited time are giving away licensed, fully-enabled versions thereof to promote it!

Now of course, I don't work in any way for, nor do I have any other active professional affiliation with PKWARE anymore, but SecureZIP v8 has remained my file compression/decompression and encryption/decryption utility since I was there. I never tired versions 9 or 10, but dude! Free software, legally! :mrgreen:

Let's all give it a try, shall we? Fellow security geeks who are into pun-laden passwords, digital certificates, biometrics and such, have fun with this. Folks who are into squeezing as much optimized bandwidth out of their pipes, and also space on their drives, servers and mainframes: you should be interested in this too.

P.S. - Again, this post is not linkbait. It's not like I won't have to publish a diplomatically-put update to it, should anything in v11 seem concerning to me when I try it later to-night or to-morrow.

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