Seeing Google PPC Quality Scoring

There's a revealing thread over at YOUmoz on this topic.

Google has quietly taken landing page quality scoring on the PPC side, which has a direct bearing on what CPC minimums advertisers pay, out of the shadows. I'm not sure when the change happened exactly, but it's a win-win IMHO. I'd wager it's a calculated move to help further solidify market share that additionally helps appease advertisers. It's one thing to get punished by a black box when you're trying to woo it organically, but it's especially painful to get punished by one that you're trying to woo by literally and directly dropping pennies (or dollars) into in a steady stream throughout any given day.

I've referenced generally accepted best practices for maximizing such quality scoring on and off this blog. On whole it's a good thing advertisers can actually start to get some basic indicators of how they're getting scored, down to the level of specific [keyword]+[ad(s) text]+[landing page] combination... That, and also that marketers can start getting and maintaining a more direct feel for just how sophisticated the algorithm really is or not.

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