R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Riding home on MUNI, I see a guy making a eulogy to Steve Jobs on his MacBook. Within 4 feet of me I count 5 iPhones plus mine own.

Brilliant people are born every day but life only lets a few of them stay that way, and of those only so many do something with it.

The town I spent much of my youth in hasn't been called Encinal in a log time. Where it is, not far from what is today called Cupertino, has not changed. People haven't much used the word "industrialist", "futurist" or "inventor" in a long time. They now favor words like "entrepreneur", "visionary" and others. Still, the intended meaning is the same.

Underneath words, fashions and other superficialities of a given day, people aren't easy to change but change they occasionally can and do. The way they find their way to changing for the better, sometimes the paths to that are changing how they experience, work, communicate and express themselves in the world.

Thank you Sir, and to the company you built, for doing so much to that end.

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