This Season in Privacy

As a guy who makes his living in "the evils of" Marketing
including being a buyer as well as creator of media a.k.a.
advertising (without which companies like Facebook, Google and many
others would lack revenue models that keep them in business), I'll
submit this in the wake of yesterday's surge of people posting
those "Personal Privacy Notices" on their Walls: Skip to about 9:00
in if you don't have time to watch the whole thing at the moment
(in which case you should bookmark and watch the whole thing

Sorry folks,
there's no short-cut to reading the fine print or at the very least
just learning the basic mechanics of managing your data
both online and offline. Here's another bit, a
good one for the upcoming Father's Day, perhaps: How
Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father
And if thinking about it all feels too scary,
complicated and/or like too much work at the moment, there's at
least this: Facebook
Forced By Privacy Activist To Put Policy Changes Up For Worldwide
Vote Until June 8th
Voting takes no more time than
copying and pasting that silly little blob of text did. Actually
knowing what you'll be voting for vs. against, however, will take
(Aw, cwap)... reading.

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