Top 11 Predictions for 2010

For your consideration, and by the simple order in which the Almighty Interwebs hath from on high bestowed upon thy humble blogger:

* * *

i. There will be (2) top-tier IPOs in the world of social media, but they won't both be social networks, technically.

ii. Bing will take 15% market share.

iii. The first head-on i.e. in-class challenger to the Toyota Prius will hit the market, with first-generation take-up rates among early adopters rivaling those of the 2005 Prius. By pure coincidence the online promos for this new brand's first vehicle will not be narrated by Jeff Goldblum (as was the case with the 2005 Prius), but by a Goldblum family friend.

iv. In the mobile space a new device will be prototyped which will have a game-changing physical interface, leveraging the best of both the new and the old in terms of how people interact with hand-held information.

v. A major new milestone in the field of cloning technology will be marked. Regarding matters of eventual application, it will be in the area of cosmetics.

vi. Domestically, laws on gay marriage will be passed in (4) more states, though the back-and-forth of that process in terms of legislative battles will span (6) states. How opposing activists use the Web in between will be a distinguishing factor, with tactical correlations eventually becoming evident in-context of geo-targeting.

vii. A leading PR firm will make a strategic partnership with, and subsequently an actual acquisition of, a major Search marketing agency. Part of the idea will be to evangelize, standardize and then capitalize upon an expanded definition of "reputation management." It won't be so much a matter of introducing new concepts as it will be one of simply organizing existing ones, also repackaging terms like "social engineering" that easily come off as frightfully Orwellian to those who aren't already getting their jollys through crowd-hacking or phishing.

viii. One of the 100 richest people on the planet will take a spill down some stairs, however sustaining just minor injuries as it will be a short flight of stairs. Though it will be reported to the media, the incident will not make it onto YouTube by the end of the year. Nonetheless, a few cartoons, parodies and other UGC imaginations thereof will. Most will be highly unfunny, but a select few will have their (15) minutes - days, actually - of fame on Reddit and Twitter.

ix. While other comparatively familiar major issues in science and medicine such as stem cell research will remain in relative remission, significant new evidence in the Autism/Vaccines debate will be brought to light. This news will be all over the blogosphere for nearly a full business day before any major TV or terrestrial radio network reports it.

x. One of the Web's leading online commerce hubs - not necessarily a website - will be down for approximately 17 hours, almost completely (i.e. with fleeting moments of uptime for some customers in between). The cause will not be a DDOS attack. (M)s of $ in revenue will be lost, (10)s of (K)s of users will be affected, and (3) people will be fired: (2) for having screwed up, and the other (1) for having been s/he whom had earlier "told (them) so."

xi. A popular social media blog will get crudely vandalized by someone who has had seriously enough already of link-baiting via tired "Top 10" lists, declaring such has now officially become social media marketing code for "I'm a douche." After all, all the cool kids nowadays know that running "Top 11" lists on extremely low-traffic blogs that only an elite handful of even cooler kids ever chance by... That, man, that's the shizzle.

* * *

Ah, bella Roma...

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