On SERPS ROI Quantification and Paid Links

In a guest post for Search Marketing Standard recently, Jaimie weighed in on the topic of microanalytics citing an e-commerce example, noting referral data can be used to map things like order values to SERP result numbers.

Though it's not quite to the degree of what Google has allegedly done internally... assign actual dollar values to individual organic positions as part of both selling and supporting AdWords... the basic premise of SEO being great ROI is more than just sound. Egghead's example shows how, with a bit of work, operational value can be directly attributed to an individual businesses' organic search strength. Those who are familiar with the more generalized facts about click shares (e.g. that the top 3 positions take >40%, etc.) do well to take things to the next level of wiring all the data together.

Moreover, it further validates the idea of links themselves as the key component of organic ranking carrying equity... That paid links are increasingly being put to the death grip doesn't negate that. It just means that compared to a year or three ago paid links have become riskier to try and harder to get any traction from (along the way, notable consultancies and customers who've been monitoring their returns over time have been gradually moving on more to other methods).

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